Metallic yarns

Even Cleopatra loved the metallic sheen in her garments. The ancient Egyptians produced their metallic yarns from pure gold. They coated wafer-thin beaten gold leaf with stronger paper, then slit it with a small knife and twisted the golden thread with cotton or silk. Later, the second method of pressing real metal wire and reinforcing it with natural fibres was not much less complex. The leap to industrial processing was made in 1927. Metal yarn was produced from aluminium foil for the first time, finally bringing a wide range of different qualities. Today, metal yarns are produced by us using the most modern processes. Fein-Elast® offers metallic yarns made of specially coated polyester, which is reinforced with polyamide or polyester in a wrapping process. Who else would have turned Cleopatra’s head if the ancient Egyptians had already known about the seductive tights and bodysuits with the mysterious iridescent sheen?

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