Hamel Elasto Twist Yarns

Hamel Elasto Twist is an elastic yarn produced exclusively on Hamel machines using the hollow spindle process. Equipped with completely closed spindles, the Hamel is the only twisting machine that allows working without air resistance and without yarn balloon. Inelastic natural or man-made fibre yarns are wound around an elastane core and cover it. This gives the yarn both the look and feel of the wrap-around twist. This Hamel Elasto Twist process achieves optimum textile-technological properties, which are particularly appreciated by users in the weaving industry. Bi-elastic fabrics have a controlled behaviour of warp and weft threads during stretch and relaxation. Elasto Twist fabrics guarantee defined elasticity, a high degree of comfort, crease resistance and dimensional stability.

Hamel Elasto Twists, as a combination of staple and filament fibres, are also very popular in the field of opaque fine hosiery, and body and seamless fabrics, as their uniformity lends the end product an attractive appearance.

A development with great potential is Hamel Elasto twisted yarns with electrically conductive and dissipative materials as the core, which are used in textile fabrics to shield against electrosmog and as antistatic agents. These product properties are increasingly in demand in outerwear and medical technology. Other areas of application are workwear and interior linings for the automotive and aerospace industries.

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