Yarns for the production of highly functional special textiles.

Top-class smart textiles.

Textile materials have been needed for as long as there has been a supply of medicine for people. While in the beginning it was natural materials such as hemp and flax that were used to make bandages, the range of applications has since expanded greatly. The possibilities for combining natural products with modern, synthetic raw materials are greater than ever before. Depending on the scope, we produce yarns that meet modern medical and orthopaedic requirements – from elastic and antibacterial to warming, cooling and compressing.

For example, wound yarns from Fein-Elast are used for textiles in the medical, rehabilitation and orthopaedic sectors as well as in the wellness sector. There, our covered yarns find a wide range of applications precisely because of their optimal functionality and the ease with which they can be modified – from compression stockings, orthopaedic aids such as bandages, support belts and supportive textiles to textile fabrics for bed linen and surgical underwear to medical work wear and special clothing.”


Yarns from our company used in the field of Medicine:

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