Fine stocking

Yarns that flatter women’s legs and inspire the fashion world.

Eye-catcher, garment and accessory in one

The history of fine hosiery goes back to 1935, when Wallace Hume Carothers developed the first nylon fibre based on carbon, water and air. From 1940, DuPont started offering the first pairs of tights in selected department stores and after the war, the success story was unstoppable. For example, 50,000 pairs were sold at Macy’s in New York within six hours. It was only with the improvement of the knitting technique that it was finally possible to produce rounds and thus banish the seam from the fine hosiery.This is where the elastane fibre LYCRA, the synthetic elastic functional fibre developed by Du Pont and the first to be launched on the market, definitely belongs.Today, fine stockings are available in different shades of colour, transparencies and styles. Whether classic skin-coloured, in elegant black or in numerous bright colours – fine stockings have become an indispensable fashion accessory. At Fein-Elast we manufacture different yarns for different levels of opacity, from 10 DEN up to 70 DEN for almost transparent to opaque. Of course, our yarns are also used in knee-high socks and angle socks.


Yarns from our company used in the field of Fine stocking:

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