Aesthetics, workability and the facilitation of creative ideas characterise our yarns.

It is not enough to just be beautiful.

Special threads are needed when embroidery is to be used to enhance surface structures and to create filigree, highly complex patterns. Mostly embroidery twist or beading thread is used. The former consists of 6 threads and is suitable for particularly fine embroideries. Beading thread is very shiny and has a smooth surface. The technique used for embroidery, the basic material to be finished or the machines used for it should not play a role in the quality of the threads.We have been a sought-after and competent partner of the embroidery industry for many decades. Our filament and staple fibre yarns, as well as special fancy yarns, are characterised by highest quality, best processability and numerous special functions, which are an absolute must for every embroiderer.


Yarns from our company used in the field of Embroidery:

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