Circular knit

Yarns for very diverse application worlds – from fashion to medicine

Perfect all round.

Anything that is not supposed to have a seam is knitted using this technique – very often for customers who place particular value on the combination of perfect aesthetics and maximum comfort. Circular knitwear for highly functional knits for outerwear but also for underwear are an important application for our functional wrap and core yarns. Fine hosiery lives from the combination of elasticity with filaments, which give the hosiery a look and feel. Our wrapping yarns combine function, look and feel and way that is ideal for our customers. Circular knitting is very often the technology of choice for the production of medical compression stockings, which are used for the treatment of venous disorders and for prophylaxis. Converting yarns are crucial for compression and thus for the functionality of the product.For our yarns this means that they must not only fulfil all the functionalities of a medical product, but also satisfy the high demands of the fashion industry. Compression, strength, good processability, elasticity, wearing comfort, durability – all these are required and we meet them all.


Yarns from our company used in the field of Circular knit:

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